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Passionate about advancing women’s health, I’ve devoted my career to enhancing the postpartum experience. As Founder & CEO of Lybbie, we’re at the forefront of breastfeeding innovation, empowering mothers with our wearable milk supply sensor and app.

In addition to my work at Lybbie, I serve as the Medical Director of the Atlanta Birth Center. This role is deeply meaningful to me, as it allows me to collaborate closely with nurse midwives, promoting access to holistic maternal care and providing safe alternatives to hospital births. With prior experience as the Medical Director of Emory’s midwifery group from 2016-2021, I bring a wealth of expertise to this important position.

As a Lead Ob/Gyn Hospitalist Clinical Educator at TeamHealth and a Board-Certified Lactation Consultant, I’m committed to educating and supporting my TeamHealth Ob/Gyn hospitalist colleagues while advocating for breastfeeding mothers.

When not immersed in women’s health advocacy, you’ll find me cherishing moments with my loving husband and five wonderful children. I’m an avid reader, a passionate musician, and a dedicated volunteer in my children’s school community. My love for travel allows me to explore the world and discover its diverse beauty.

Let’s connect and collaborate to advance women’s health and breastfeeding support together.

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